Subject Name    C++
Program Name    DB DM Class
Program Description    Create two classes DM and DB which store the values of distance. DM stores distance in meters and centimeters. DB stores distances in feet and inches. Write a program that can read values for the class object and add one object of DM with another object of DB. Use a friend function to carry out the addition operation and this function will display answer in meter and centimeters.
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Program Code
Input Values(You must enter all user input value here, that you want to use during runtime)
To Run C++ Program
1. #include<iostream.h> change to #include<iostream>
2. #include<math.h> change to #include<cmath>;
3. #include<string.h> change to #include<cstring>;
4. Add line using namespace std;
These all(1 to 4) will be done automatically..., So don't worry.

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