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Piyush N. Shah Piyush N. Shah
Mrs. Varsha P. Shah
M.Sc. (Maths)
Mr. Piyush N. Shah
B.Sc. (Maths), MCA

Once while referring a dictionary, my eye movement stopped at the word impossible and my heart made me realize that the word itself said  ‘I   m   possible’ this incident of my life made www.AtoZmath.com  possible.

Initially, starting with nil was not easy but was also not impossible. By god’s kind grace and my endless efforts success was sure to come.

With sincere dedication since Feb-2003, success in the form of www.AtoZmath.com, is before you. The software on net that provides step-by-step solution to your mathematical problems at just a mouse click.

Still the work is on to include the entire academic mathematics on this site. I am sure to present it soon.

Efforts are also carried out to provide this application on mobile phones.

Will be back soon with much more.

Yours truly,
Piyush N Shah.
Email : [email protected], [email protected]
Call : +91 - 2637 - 257861
Mobile : +91 - 9898210337


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